Leaked AT&T memo suggests September 23 iPhone 7 retail availability

It’s been rumored for a bit now that Apple’s iPhone event in September will take place on September 7, with a launch soon after. But a new development suggests the launch for carriers could be later in the month.

. An internal document from AT&T leaked by 9to5Mac, however, now suggests that the handset may actually land on store shelves on Friday, September 23.

AT&T’s retail schedule for upcoming merchandising reset hours specifically mentions September 9 and September 23 as dates for merchandising resets. Though the document does not specifically mention the iPhone 7, the dates strongly suggest iPhone 7 pre-orders beginning September 9 and retail availability on September 23.
September 23 retail availability is a week later than previously expected, but in line with past iPhone launches. Apple typically likes to collect pre-orders for iPhones for two weeks before their retail availability.

While September 16 would be great, considering it’s earlier in the month, it’s just as possible Apple launches the new iPhones on September 23, too. Either way, it’s likely that invites for the iPhone event will land at the end of the month, and that the event will indeed take place in the first week of September.

It’s expected Apple will unveil new iPhones at the event, but it’s also being rumored, back-and-forth, that Apple might unveil a brand new, heavily redesigned MacBook Pro as well.


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