iPhone rebooting randomly after jailbreaking? Here's how to fix it

So you have successfully jailbroken your iPhone running on iOS 9.3.3 using Pangu jailbreak. It was a very exciting thing for many users who have been waiting for the jailbreak to come. A common issue many jailbreak user still facing is that their iPhone reboots randomly overnight, therefore requiring them to re-jailbreak every time it happens.

Fortunately, a Cydia developer has released a new package that supposedly fixes this issue. To find out how to install this package on your jailbroken iOS device and fix the reboot issue, read the guide below.

How to fix jailbroken iPhone randomly rebooting during the night

STEP 1: Go to Cydia store and go to the Sources tab and tap on Edit--->Add

STEP 2: Add this URL: http://codyqx4.github.io/cydia then press Add.

STEP 3: After the repo is added to your Cydia, search for “iOS 9 Reboot Fix“.

STEP 4: Open the package in Cydia and install it.

After you’ve installed the fix, your iPhone should stop rebooting randomly during the night. Although there’s no guarantee that this fix will work for sure, many users have reported that the reboot issue disappears after installing the package.

Let us know if this package fixed your problem or not.


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