CameraTweak 4: Turns your iPhone into a professional camera

Earlier today, CameraTweak 4 has just launched in Cydia store with full support for iOS 9 this week. In case you haven't heard about this tweak, CameraTweak 4 turns your iPhone into a professional camera bringing tons of features and improvements to your iPhone's camera stock app.

CameraTweak is probably the one photography tweak that I get excited about each and every year. Although I’m on the fence about jailbreaking my daily driver, CameraTweak 4 certainly makes things more tempting, even on iOS 9.3.3.

The tweak basically takes a lot of the features you can have from several third-party App Store apps and bakes them right into the stock Camera app so you don’t have to download other apps from the App Store. But, because it’s a jailbreak tweak, you can bet it has more to offer than the App Store does, simply because the App Store is limited by Apple’s restrictions and Cydia is not.

CameraTweak 4 provides an all-in-one interface that is built directly into the stock Camera app on your iPhone. You can hide and show the additional features by tapping on the Camera-shaped button just by the Camera Roll button.

Among the features that the tweak provides for iPhone photographers are:
  • Manual ISO
  • Separated focus and white balance
  • White balance lock
  • Aperture settings
  • Various photography guides
  • Lapse timer
  • Un-mirrored selfies
  • And more…
Features for videographers
In addition to improving the photography aspect of the default Camera app, CameraTweak 4 also builds off of the core functionality of recording videos.
With the beautiful 4K video recording capability that is built into Apple’s latest handsets, having this additional software to give you more manual overrides over the hardware is going to present you with opportunities to record video like you never have before on your iPhone.
  • Manual quality selection
  • Manual FPS adjustments
  • Changing the video stabilization
  • Pause and resume for video capture
  • White balance adjustments
  • And more…
If you want to take better photos and videos, get this. It’s a wonderful add-on for iOS 9.0-9.3.3 that can be had for just $1.49 in Cydia’s BigBoss repository. Moreover, if you already own a previous version of CameraTweak, then CameraTweak 4 is a free upgrade!


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