Apple Music for Android is No Longer a Beta Following Latest Update

Apple Music for Android has dropped the beta flag, reveals the app’s official description on Google’s Play store. Today, Apple Music for Android was updated to version 1.0 as the app is no longer in beta, signaling Apple’s confidence that it enables experiences its iOS counterpart has provided since launch. The app made its surprising debut in November of 2015 as Apple’s first-ever Android software because the company wanted to make it easy for music lovers to allow people to enjoy music “no matter where you were and what products you were using”.

The newest update is relatively minor in scope, but it does also include minor bug fixes, and improvements to stability and music playback. It also adds equalizer settings for good measure.

Apple Music for Android is available as a free download, and there’s a free trial period for new subscribers, but after that it’s $9.99 per month for an individual.


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