Apple has Rehired Flipboard Co-Founder Evan Doll in a Health Software Position

Evan Doll, former Senior iPhone Engineer who left Apple a few years ago to co-found popular social news reader app Flipboard, has been re-hired by the Cupertino firm to help advance Apple’s health-related initiatives. Bloomberg first caught wind of Doll’s re-hiring this morning, based on his recently updated LinkedIn profile revealing his new position at Apple: Director of Health Software Engineering.

During his nearly-six-year tenure at the Cupertino firm as Senior iPhone Engineer from 2003 to 2009, he helped develop the original iPhone’s operating system before leaving the company to co-found Flipboard with Mike McCue.

The timing is certainly interesting, especially considering a recent report that indicated Apple is hard at work on a “killer” health-tracking device. Which would seem right in line with Apple’s overall focus on the health field. While it’s unknown just what Doll will be doing with the new role, having a veteran of Apple, and high-profile services, is surely a bonus for the company in general.

According to industry sources who recently spoke with Taiwan’s Economic Daily News, Apple is working on a “killer new health-tracking gadget” that will use 3D Touch, debut in 2017 and “set off a new whirlwind” within the technology industry.


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