Pokémon Go is now available in Italy, Spain, Portugal, UK and Germany

Nintendo’s tremendously successful Pokémon Go is expanding in more countries across Europe. In addition to releasing on the App Store in Germany and the United Kingdom a few days ago, the augmented-reality game which requires people to go out hunting for pokémon is now available for download in ItalySpain and Portugal.
Since making its debut in the U.S., Australia, and New Zealand last Monday, Pokémon GO has been pretty slow to rollout in more territories. That’s because the game has been so popular, the rollout had to be staggered to ensure servers could cope with demand.

But despite the slow rollout, Pokémon GO has still become a massive success. With more than 21 million active daily users, it’s now the most successful mobile game in U.S. history, raking in millions of dollars a day for developer Niantic.

Developer Niantic Labs, which created the game in co-operation with Nintendo and Pokémon Company, is planning on gradually bringing it to a total of 200 markets as Pokémon Go continues to top App Store charts in the countries where it’s currently available.

In San Diego’s North County, two men fell off a 75ft cliff Wednesday while playing the game, the Encinitas Fire Department confirmed. Remarkably, neither men has suffered serious injuries. And in New York state, a driver ran his car off the road and into a tree last night as a result of playing the game.


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