iOS 10 Now Warns You If Liquid is Detected in Your Lightning Port [Image]

It appears that Apple has added a feature in iOS 10 that can detect if there is liquid in your device’s Lightning connector. As seen in the above images, posted to Reddit by u/lucioghosty, if liquid is detected, iOS 10 warns you to keep the port clear until it dries.
The alert takes up the full screen, and apparently stays until you either disconnect whatever Lightning is plugged into the port, or you tap the Ignore button. Note that tapping Ignore pops up another warning saying, “this may damage your iPhone.”

It’s unclear which iOS 10 beta version this feature was introduced in, and which devices will support it. The original Reddit poster noted that he was running iOS 10 beta 3 on an iPhone 6s, and others in the thread reported seeing it on the newer iPhone SE.

Apple is rumored to be improving water resistance with the iPhone 7 and this feature may be part of those plans. At the very least, it could help prevent water damage to existing devices from liquid that may have gone unnoticed.

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