Here's everything new in iOS 10 beta 2

Yesterday Apple seeded the second beta of iOS 10 to developers and this time around, release notes are pretty packed to reflect that the company has squashed many bugs in iOS 10 beta 2 while also bringing out a bunch of notable changes, refinements and new features. Here’s our running list of everything that has been changed or tweaked in iOS 10 beta 2.

iMessage App Store is Live

Beta 2 finally adds the iMessage App Store to the Messages app. Currently, it only features the 4 Official sticker packs we wrote about recently.

Notification Center enhancements
You can now access widgets while using the Notification Center on any Home screen.

In beta 1, accessing the Notification Center from a Home screen only showed notifications, not the widgets. It’s a small but important improvement, more so given that the first beta limited accessing the widgets from your Lock screen, Home screen zero and inside the Notification Center, but only if called while using an app.

Music app changes
You can once again shuffle all music by one artist in the Music app.

Plus, there’s now a Shuffle button within the Songs section so that you can enter shuffle mode without needing to play a song first. Connect tab no longer disappears from the Music app when you disable Apple Music and posts from artists you follow now appear underneath a new Connect Posts heading within the Music app’s For You section.

In iOS 10 beta 2, users can now sign in to Apple Music on Sonos, music videos can be played fullscreen and related music suggestions now appear in album pages. AirPlay devices show up on the Now Playing screen as well.

More Apple Music features coming via future betas
According to Apple, certain Apple Music features will become available in a future iOS 10 beta, including the following items:
  • For You Mixes
  • Viewing Connect posts on an artist’s or curator’s page
  • Follow and unfollow option on an artist or curator’s page
  • Report a concern on Connect posts or comments
  • Delete a comment you made on Connect posts
  • Account page to view all artists you follow
  • Setting to turn on or turn off the Automatically Follow Artists preference
  • Show Complete Album for Library items
  • Display of works and movements for classical music
  • Popularity indicators for albums
Folder Background Is Glassy Again

iOS 10 made the background for folder view almost transparent. I wasn’t a big fan and turns out Apple wasn’t either. We’re back to the background being glassy and opaque. The folder still overlays on the home screen instead of overlaying directly on the wallpaper as it used to on iOS 9.

In addition to the aforementioned refinements, iOS 10 beta 2 includes the following tweaks, design changes and other improvements:
  • Refreshed HomeKit icon inside Control Center
  • Overhauled icons for the Apple TV and speakers in the AirPlay menu within Control Center
  • 3D Touch shortcuts within Control Center for adjusting flashlight intensitynow employ updated icons and wording: Low/Medium/High Intensity becomes Low/Medium/Bright Light
  • 3D Touch shortcuts menu for the Clock app inside Control Center adds icons
  • Split View is available for the App Store on the iPad Pro
  • Apple’s built-in Feedback app is available to more users
  • HomeKit app and HomeKit icons in Settings now sport the same general look
  • Revamped Filters icon in the Mail toolbar resembling lines inside a circle replaces the previous funnel-style icon
  • Invoking Siri shows a subtle new animation which minimizes the Home screen or the active app
  • Maps now includes a Show Parked Location toggle in Settings so that you can optionally disable being reminded where you parked your car
  • A new Ride Booking option underneath the Prefer heading in Settings → Maps
  • Pressing a folder icon with 3D Touch now shows per-app badge count versus an “Unread” total like before
  • You can now remove the stock News app
  • iOS 10 beta 2 reverts to the old keyboard sound versus a softer keyboard clicking sound effect which debuted in iOS 10 beta 1
  • Folder animation is slightly changed
  • Folders are more blurred and transparent
  • Tweaked Spotlight animation on the widgets screen and in the Notification Center
  • Stopwatch inside the Clock app is now back to digital by default while its analog counterpart has been relocated to page two
  • When disabled, Bedtime Alarm in Clock is darkened
  • Text Size setting is moved to Settings → Display and Brightness
  • Auto-Lock Size setting is moved to Settings → Display and Brightness
  • Widgets are no longer clipped on the widgets screen
  • Holding the New Tab icon in Safari produces an option to make a new tab
  • Toggles for Apple Watch apps via a brand new My Watch → General → Background App Refresh section inside the companion Watch app on iPhone
  • Smart and Random Autofill options for music you sync with Apple Watch in the companion Watch app on iPhone
  • “Off” in AirDrop menu in Control Center is renamed as “Receiving Off”
We will keep you updated with more news and changes.


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