Eddy Cue Insists Apple Isn’t in the ‘Business of Trying to Create TV Shows,’ but Isn’t Against Helping

Eddy Cue, 52, Apple’s Senior Vice President of Internet Software and Services, sat down for an interview with The Hollywood Reporter, answering a series of questions related to Apple’s alleged attempts to introduce a skinny bundle of television programming on iTunes, its relationship with content owners and swirling rumors that it may be invested in creating original programming to become the next Netflix or Comcast.

Responding to speculation that Apple someday might buy a studio, acquire Jay Z’s Tidal streaming service or launch a streaming TV business à la Netflix, Miami-born son of Cuban immigrants waved them off, insisting Apple simply wants to be the delivery platform for digital entertainment.

“We’re not in the business of trying to create TV shows” and are not “trying to compete with Netflix or compete with Comcast,” said Cue, adding:
We all consume and love the stuff that Hollywood does. We just didn’t always love it in the way that they got it to us. So, what we could do is really make it easier for their customers, their fans, to be able to consume content in a much better way. There’s huge opportunities.
As far as original content goes, as mentioned above with Vital Signs, Apple sees room to truly step in when the content has something to do with Apple’s own products, including Apple Music:
“The rest of it is about giving [talent] a platform that allows them to be creative in new ways. If I was an agent, I would be very, very excited about what Apple is doing because it lets the people that I represent be able to do more.”
Cue does take some time to note that Apple’s relationship with Hollywood really started with Steve Jobs heading the ship, but that it has only gotten “better and better” over the years, especially as Hollywood has warmed up to Silicon Valley as a whole. Take from that what you will. 


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