Apple launches downloadable iMessage sticker packs for iOS 10

With iOS 10, Apple finally boarded sticker train. They’re a part of the larger, iMessage apps structure. Stickers in iOS 10 are going to be interactive. You can “peel” parts of a sticker and drag it over another sticker or any part of a conversation.

While iOS 10 is still 3 months away, Apple has released 4 sticker packs on the App Store. Each of the packs are free to download and include animated stickers that behave much like those in Facebook Messenger do when they’re sent to the recipient.

As of right now, the only people who can download the stickers and use them are those on the beta release channel of iOS 10. Soon enough, a public beta will launch for those enrolled in the Public Beta Program and those users will have access to these sticker packs as well.

The four sticker packs that are available in the App Store are Classic Mac, Hands, Hearts, and Smileys, although the Classic Mac stickers are already present in a stock installation of iOS 10 and aren’t necessary to install unless you’ve removed them already.

Once you’ve downloaded the apps, they’ll appear in the “Apps” section in iMessage, not as apps on the home screen. You can now tap on a sticker to add them to a conversation or tap, hold and drag them as well.


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