Aerial Footage of Apple Campus 2 at Sunset [Video]

YouTubers Duncan Sinfield and Matthew Roberts have both posted their respective 4K aerial shots of the construction progress being made at Apple’s Campus 2 site. The main building, also known as iSpaceship due to its seamless circular appearance, looks near-complete.

Featuring jaw-dropping 4K footage captured via a drone, we can clearly see that work on the upcoming stunning headquarters has progressed rapidly in the past few weeks.

Here are your takeaways for iSpaceship’s June 2016 update:
  • Underground facilities, including two-story garages with more than 14,000 parking spaces, have progresses nicely since last month. A vast network of massive tunnels will connect those underground facilities and garages.
  • Off-site 100,000 square feet fitness center is nearing completion, too.
  • Entrance into Apple’s beautifully contracted underground auditorium where future press and corporate events will take place is being covered with more foam, indicating there will probably be an outdoor plaza on the ground level.
  • New off-site buildings have popped up along Lantau Avenue, most likely additional research and development facilities.
  • Apple has started planting trees. Landscaping on the campus will use over 7,000 trees, some indigenous. Heavy machinery can be seen near a massive pile of dirt leftover from construction. It will be used for landscaping.
  • The exterior of the research and development facility looks nearly complete.
  • Heating, ventilating and air conditioning is now visible before solar panels are fully installed on the roof. The campus will utilize air vents for 70 percent of heating and cooling year round, with solar capacity pegged at sixteen megawatts of power. An additional four megawatts of power will be supplied by fuel cells running on biogas for a total of twenty megawatts of power, which is enough to power the equivalent of over 3,000 homes.
  • These solar panels and fuel cells will generate three-quarters of iSpaceship’s required power, with the rest provided by renewable energy supplier First Solar.
Wonderful, right ?


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