This Concept Video Imagines iPhone 7 Based on the Rumors

In the couple few months we've been hearing many rumors about Apple's next generation iPhone 7. Earlier today a new concept video provides us what iPhone 7 could looks like based on the rumors we've been hearing awhile ago, it reveals a familiar device with some noticeable changes.

The iPhone 7 in this clip doesn’t look too dissimilar to the iPhone 6s at first glance, but as it spins around, we get a good glimpse at its dual-lens camera module, which is expected to be exclusive to the larger iPhone 7 Plus.

The headphone jack, which sits alongside the Lightning connector on existing devices, is missing here — as many rumors have suggested it will be. It has been replaced by a second speaker for stereo sound.

Anyway I am going to leave you with this video:

The overall size and shape of the iPhone 7 appears to be exactly the same, though some reports have suggested the smaller model may be 0.1mm thicker than its predecessor. We’ll get confirmation of that when Apple makes the device official this September.

So what do you think ?


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