New Case Will Let You Run Android on Your iPhone

Have you ever wanted to try out Android system on your iPhone without needing to download anything ? We would like to tell you that Nick Lee is an adventurous fellow, to say the least. He’s a designer and developer that works for Tendigi, a mobile design and development studio, and he’s been featured here before, thanks to his previous work putting Windows 95 on an Apple Watch. This time he’s playing around with an iPhone, and he’s managed to get Google’s competing platform, Android, up and running on the device.

There’s plenty of work that goes into something like this, but for the folks out there that are interested in the finer details on how to get it to work, Lee went into great detail right here. The condensed version is that Lee made a 3D-printed case, put a single-board computer in it, with a battery, and then used the Android Open Source Project (AOSP) to get Android 6.0.1 Marshmallow running on an iPhone.
The iPhone connects to the computer through USB, and the 3D-printed case has seen plenty of revisions down to its current state, which is about the size of a standard battery case. Except this case also features a microSD card slot, and ports for HDMI and USB. There’s also a 650mAh battery to power the computer.

The result, once the iPhone is slotted into the case and plugged in, is Android on an iPhone. Lee just has to launch the Tendigi app on the iPhone and there’s the Android user interface. Unfortunately the touch responsiveness isn’t fantastic, and there are some pretty bold black bars at the top and bottom of the screen, but otherwise it’s Android running on an iPhone.

Check it in action:

So what do you think about this idea?



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