iPhone 7 Lightning EarPods Reportedly Shown Off in Leaked Image

A sketchy photograph just surfaced on the Chinese microblogging service Weibo, appearing to show off a Lightning-based version of Apple’s standard EarPods headphones. As you know, Apple is widely expected to ditch the 3.5mm analog audio jack on the next iPhone in favor of wireless headphones via Bluetooth and all-digital wired headphones based on Apple’s proprietary Lightning connector.

Or have folks go wireless, which, for some, already have. However, for the people who prefer to have a wired connection when listening to music, Lightning EarPods have been rumored for awhile now. At the same time, a rumor cropped up recently that suggested Apple would launch the iPhone 7/7 Plus with 3.5mm EarPods, but also include a Lightning adapter to use with the new iPhone.

In case of the latter, Apple could decide to include a 3.5mm-to-Lightning adapter so that iPhone 7 buyers could use their existing headphones with the device.

Mac Otakara first reported in January 2015 that Apple might be planning to bundle the iPhone 7 with a wireless EarPods. The following day, Fast Company said Apple supplier Cirrus Logic had been working on a noise-canceling technology to be used both in the iPhone 7 and the new earphones.

So what do you think ?


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