iOS 10 Increases the Amount of Available Storage on Your iPhone

Most of us suffer from a lack of storage on their devices after upgrading to a newer software. But it seems that this matter does not apply to iOS 10. Number of Reddit users who are already running Apple's first beta of iOS 10 are claiming that they have more space on their devices after upgrading — especially with the 128GB models.

One user has found that since installing iOS 10 on a 128GB iPhone, their available storage increased from 113GB to 121GB. Others report seeing similar results on a 64GB iPhone 6s Plus and a 128GB iPad Pro.

The change can even be noticed on a 16GB iPhone, though it’s not quite as significant. According to one user, available storage increased from 12.6GB to 13.1GB after updating.

It’s worth remembering that iOS 10 is still in its infancy, and future betas — which could contain more features and changes — could take up more or less storage space. This doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll see a difference when iOS 10 rolls out to all, then.

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