iOS 10 concept suggests Dark Mode and Split Screen for iPhone

I’ve been a huge fan of OS X’s dark theme which debuted with the release of OS X Yosemite back in October 2014. I also like to multitask on my iPad using OS 9’s new Split View and Slide Over modes because they definitely increase productivity for me. But how cool would it be if Apple brought Split View to the iPhone 7 and OS X’s dark mode to iOS 10?

Now, almost a month later we have another concept that puts together a few rumors, and “what if” situations for iOS 10, this time from iHelpBR. The main gist for this concept is a Dark Mode, which is being hinted at within Apple’s latest update for the official WWDC app, which was released not too long ago.
The concept sees Dark Mode applied to just about everything, from Apple’s stock apps, the system itself, menus, and shows what apps like Messages, Mail, News, Contacts, and more look like with a Dark Mode applied. What’s more, the Dark Mode could extend to third-party apps, too, if Apple created a Dark Mode API.

Going dark
An iOS 10 with an OS X-inspired dark theme and split-screen multitasking on the iPhone would be awesome. In terms of split-screen multitasking, Google is actually playing a catch up to Apple with Android N, which will bring iPad-like multitasking modes to Android devices when it’s released this fall.

It would be a good thing to see Dark Mode in all stock apps which gives the device a cool look, don't you agree ? 


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