Here’s iOS 10’s revamped Lock screen with widgets, Raise to Wake, rich notifications and more

At WWDC today, Apple unveiled iOS 10 — the latest version of its operating system for the iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch, iOS 10 comes with a number of major new features, and fixes some major pain points of the OS. The highlight of the update, however, is the smarter and more powerful Siri that developers will soon be able to integrate into their apps thanks to an SDK and APIs that Apple is releasing alongside iOS 10.

For iOS 10, there’s a completely redesigned Lock screen that now makes it easy to respond to notifications with a lot richer 3D Touch support, the ability to enjoy widgets full screen, a time-saving feature called Raise to Wake and more.

Quick interactions from the Lock screen are now a lot easier than before because the whole Lock screen is now much more interactive. With a new feature called Raise to Wake, you can see on what’s your Lock screen without having to press a button—you just lift your iPhone to your eye level.

The Lock screen on iOS 10 also lets you slide over to the right to get to the Camera app faster than before. Or, you can slide over the other way to show widgets on the Lock screen. And speaking of widgets, they can show you even more information by tapping the More icon on the widget.
And that’s what’s new, ladies and gentlemen, for the Lock screen on iOS 10.

Improved Photos app

Apple has further improved its Photos app for iOS 10 by adding facial, object and scene recognition feature to it. There is also a new feature called Memories that will automatically group photos based on their location, time taken, and more. It will also create a highlight reel of the best photos and videos from a particular event. All of these features work on-device without using your photos being uploaded to the cloud.

New Apple Maps app

With iOS 10, Apple is introducing a new Maps app for the OS. The new app features an easier to use UI, with more information density and features like Dynamic view; Quick Controls to see route details; support for alternate routes, and more.

Apple is also opening Apple Maps to developers using Extensions that will allow third-party apps to integrate into Apple Maps. This will make it possible to book a car/hotel or book a table in a hotel right from inside the Apple Maps app.

Redesigned Apple Music app

iOS 10 also comes with a new redesigned Apple Music app that comes with a beautiful new UI. The new music app features a ‘Downloaded Music’ section that makes it easier to find songs that are locally stored on your iOS device. The Now Playing screen also comes with Lyrics integration that one can access by simply swiping up from the Now Playing screen.

There is a new ‘For You’ section in the Apple Music app that will provide you with playlist recommendations based on your music taste.

Dark mode

The WWDC invite and the WWDC app update provided enough hints towards iOS 10 coming with a dark mode. The new system-wide dark theme in iOS 10 can manually enabled, or it can be set to automatically enable itself during certain hours of the day. Switching over to the dark theme will also lead system apps to switch over to a dark theme.

Release Date

As always, the first developer beta and public beta seeds are available for immediate download today. The full and final version of iOS 10 will be available to everyone this fall.


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