Facebook Messenger Gains Support for 1,500 New and Diverse Emoji

Facebook announced yesterday that it’s adding more than 1,500 new emoji to its free mobile Messenger app, bringing a lot more diversity to your communications.

Additionally, Facebook will now also ensure that the emoji you sent from one platform will look exactly the same to the sender, irrespective of the platform — PC, phone or web — he or she uses. Previously, some users reported seeing broken emoji on Messenger on various platforms, or the emoji being replaced with the native emoji set of their devices.

For the iOS Messenger app, Facebook is also introducing a new emoji picker that makes it easier to jump between various emoji categories and find the appropriate emoji that helps you in expressing yourself better.

“Not all platforms have kept up with emoji standards as they’ve evolved—which means sometimes the emoji you wanted to send wasn’t the one that showed up,” explains the company. “Nor are they living up to the gender and skin tone diversity that we see in our world everyday.”

Facebook Messenger is available free of charge on the App Store.


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