Apps stuck on "Installing.." ? Here's how to fix it

iOS apps can sometimes glitch out in the middle of the installation. When it happens you will see the "installing.." indicator on the app icon for ages without moving and nothing happens. Most of the time the fix is easy, but sometimes, things get a little more complicated. In this piece, we’ll talk about what you can do to rectify the situation of apps getting stuck in the infinite “Installing…” limbo.

The reason behind getting stuck on "Installing.." indicator on some apps

Because iOS is so autonomous when it comes to installing apps after downloading them, it’s really virtually impossible to tell why your device is having trouble installing apps when this happens.

Sometimes the installation takes a long time to finish installing the app especially if the size of the app exceeds 200MB. In many cases, iOS may also just be having an aneurysm and could be glitching out due to a software bug.

It seems like it happens most often when you’re downloading apps in larger numbers, such as after restoring a device from a backup, or when you go on an app downloading spree, but honestly, it’s difficult to reproduce the problem, and that’s probably why Apple hasn’t fixed it yet.

How to fix "installing.." on iOS apps

Most of us might face this problem on our iOS devices, the fixes for these problems are simple, but sometimes fixing the problem can be a little more complicated and time consuming.

Try the following fixes:

1)Tap on the app icon If the installation is not moving and buggy, try tapping on the app icon from your home screen in order to pause or restart the installation of the app. This doesn’t always work, but I’ve had it work in some cases where this has happened to me.

2)Give it 10 minutes As I said before, large iOS apps that its size more than 200MB will take a long time to finish the installment process, so don't be in rush and don't remove the app. Just give it some time.

3) Delete the app: My favorite fix in most of the cases :D. Try to delete the app and re-download it again from the App Store. This usually fixes the problem for me, but there are also some situations where iOS won’t even let me delete the app after I enter jiggle mode. It seems to depend on how bugged the installation process actually is when you attempt this fix.

4)Restart your device: Turning your device off and on again can force quit a buggy installation and force it to restart itself. In some cases, the installation may disappear completely and you’ll have to re-download it from the App Store again for the installation to initiate.

5) App Store method: Someone on Apple’s support forums noted a funky possible solution that seemed to fix the problem for multiple people. The solution involved the following steps:

1) Launch the App Store and go to the Updates tab.

2) From either the Purchase History or Updates list, tap on the app that isn’t installing.

3) This takes you to the app details page. Tap on the app icon at the top left of the screen.

4) The app is added to the Home screen. Tap on the app icon and it will begin installing.

Now the app should install properly. It seems like a funky fix, but according to many of the people who were having the same problem, it worked for them.

iTunes method: I think this is the maximum point we might be able to do in order to fix this problem. 

1) Connect your device to your computer via USB cable and open iTunes

2) Transfer all your purchases and apps from your iOS device to your iTunes library so it doesn’t get erased when you sync.

3) From iTunes, download the app you want to install to your computer via the App Store.

4) Sync the app you downloaded to your computer to your iOS device.

The app should now have been installed over the wire. This method seems to be a lot more stable than downloading apps from the App Store on the device itself, but understandably, it’s also a pain because you won’t always have your computer on you when problems arise.

I always recommend the iTunes method when facing the "installing" problem.

Make sure to tell us your opinion and feel free to comment with any other solutions that worked with you when you faced this problem before.


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