Apple to Launch iPhone 7 in Black Color, Not ‘Deep Blue’

Remember the iPhone 5’s Darth Vader-like black appearance? It’s still my favorite iPhone colorway even though Apple has since moved to a more subdued Space Gray finish for subsequent models. Mac Otakara, the Japanese publication which claimed the iPhone 7 would come in a new Deep Blue variant, has now backtracked on the report, saying the device would include a Space Black colorway akin to the Apple Watch.

“The new color would not be deep blue, but possibly formal black which is close to black,” reads a machine-translated passage from the report. 9to5Mac has confirmed the rumor with its own anonymous source, cautioning that even though the source has “absolutely no track record”, their IP address is located near Apple’s headquarters.

In an update this morning to the original Mac Otakara article, the publication now claims that the next iPhone could actually be updated with a much darker color resembling the Apple Watch’s Space Black colorway.

More dubiously, the source claims that the Apple Watch 2 will feature a built-in GPS chip that will allow it to track outdoor runs without the need for an iPhone. It will also be able to track swimming thereby indicating even better waterproofing levels than before.

The source also reiterates that Apple will be launching a new MacBook Pro later this year with a secondary OLED screen and Touch ID sensor that will be integrated into the power button.

Since the source of the above rumors is not credible enough, chances are some, or maybe all, of them turn out to be baseless rumors. On the other hand, if there is a possibility of them turning out to be true, then what do you think about the improvements to Apple Watch 2 and the wireless EarPods? Also, will you prefer a deep blue or a black iPhone 7?


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