Apple Sending Press Invites for WWDC 2016 Keynote on June 13

Apple on Wednesday sent out press invitations for a keynote at its Worldwide Developers Conference, as first reported by Tech Insider. The keynote presentation is scheduled for the first day of WWDC 2016, Monday, June 13, at 10am.

Specifically, Siri informed inquisitive folks around the world that this year’s conference would take place between June 13 and June 17. Eventually Apple would confirm those dates with notifications for scholarship winners, but overall the tone for this year’s conference has been generally understated when compared to previous years.

The same can be said for the invitations for this year’s keynote. Tech Insider has confirmed that Apple has begun sending out press invitations for this year’s keynote, where it is expected that Apple will announce a variety of new products, both hardware and software.

The invitation says that the keynote will be held at the Graham Civic Auditorium, in San Francisco, California. It will begin at 10:00 AM PT/1:00 PM ET.

As far as what’s expected, there’s quite a bit. Rumors suggest that Apple will launch a Siri SDK (along with a Google Home/Amazon Echo competitor) that will ultimately allow third-party developers to access the digital personal assistant’s features, allowing customers to interact with apps that aren’t made by Apple. WWDC 2016 could also unveil Siri for Mac, something that’s been rumored and hinted at quite a bit recently.

CEO Tim Cook has said during the iPhone SE event that the company expects to move in to its upcoming iSpaceship building early next year. The new campus has a massive underground auditorium where future keynotes and press presentations will be taking place as it’d let the company control its message in a tighter manner than before.


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