Apple Officially Announces macOS ‘Sierra’ with Auto Unlock, Siri, and More

At WWDC, Apple has unveiled the next update to OS X for Macs, branded as macOS Sierra. The update will ship in the fall. macOS Sierra includes Auto Unlock functionality which automatically unlocks your laptops and desktop if in proximity to your iOS devices and Apple Watch. More features after the jump …

Apple shared not only the new branding, but also a plethora of new features that will arrive in the new version of the desktop operating system, set to launch to the public this fall.

Auto Unlock will simplify logging into your computer in a big way. That will let Apple Watch users, which already have their identified authenticated, open up their Mac already be logged in. Universal Clipboard, another part of the new Continuity, will let Mac owners running macOS Sierra copy content from their Phone over to macOS, including texts and links.

With iCloud Drive, Apple will let users access their desktop, and all of their files, available from one Mac computer to the next. That desktop content will also be available on the iPhones as well, thanks to the cloud service.
The change of course brings OS X more inline with the naming conventions of Apple’s other platforms: iOS, macOS, watchOS and tvOS. There’s obviously nothing ground-breaking here, but the rebranding is more than notable. So from now on, no more OS X. Just refer to the Mac OS as…macOS.
Apple Pay is coming to macOS Sierra in a big way, thanks to website integration and more. Apple Pay on the web will let users use the mobile payment option within Safari, where there’s a “Pay with Apple Pay,” which will let you use Continuity and Touch ID on your iPhone to authenticate the purchase. Merchants include GILT, and many others.

macOS Sierra is also getting Picture-in-Picture with a dedicated button. The smaller picture can be moved around, and it works in full-screen mode as well.

Stay tuned with us for more info about macOS Sierra...



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