Top Facebook Messenger Tips and Tricks for iPhone

Facebook Messenger is one of the most popular messenger apps that millions of people are using it daily. Facebook Messenger got massive features and hidden tricks that you may never knew about it. We're going to show you some tips and tricks exists in Facebook Messenger app.

1.Block Someone

If you want to block specific person, simply open the conversation and tap on their name on the top. Scroll down on and tap 'Block'.
On the next screen you can either select to just block the person’s messages or block them directly on Facebook.


A good and funny trick you may not know. When in a conversation just tap and hold that “Like” button to see it wriggle, make a cute noise, expand and finally pop like a balloon because you didn’t release your finger at the right moment.

But if you do release your finger at the right moment, you’ll end up sending a HUGE Like. You can also send a medium Like.

3. Customize Conversation colors, Emojis and give your friends a nickname

Facebook Messenger allows you to customize conversations colors, change emojis.Tap the person’s name at the top and tap “Emoji”. From the same screen, select “color” to change the conversation color.

4.Send Selfies (And Attach Media) Without Ever Leaving the Conversation

Want to send a selfie to the person you’re chatting to? Not only do you need to go to another app, but you also don’t need to close the current chat. Tap the “Camera” button above the keyboard and a camera view will show up. Click your photo and send it off.

5. Send money to your friends

This is only limited to the US but as long as you have a card linked to your Messenger account, you can send money to your friends quite easily. If you’re in the supported region, a “Dollar” sign will show up in the toolbar. Tap it, enter the amount you want to send to the friend and it’s done. More details are available here.

6. Use Facebook Messenger apps (GIF'S,Videos,etc...)

You’ll see a little three dotted button at the end of the toolbar, right next to the Send button. Tap it and Facebook Messenger will show you a list of apps specifically made to interact with Messenger. You’ll find all sorts of crazy and fun apps here. For creating GIFs, videos and all sorts of fun stuff. Of course, you’ll need to download these apps to be able to use them. But once downloaded, they integrate seamlessly with Messenger.
5. Play games inside Facebook Messenger

Facebook Messenger allows you to play secret games like Chess, Basketball game. 
You can play a basketball game in a conversation just by typing the basketball emoji and play chess by typing @fbchess.

Of course there is tons of features and hidden tricks that can be discovered. If you know any other tips, don't forget to share it with us.

Facebook Messenger – Download link


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