Opera VPN offers a free and unlimited VPN service

Opera wants to help you browse the web for even longer on your MacBook. The latest developer version of its OS X web browser includes a new power saving mode that drains less energy when you’re on the move and need all the battery life you can get.

“It’s extremely frustrating to run out of battery on your computer, whether you are out traveling, watching videos, or you have just left your charger behind,” says Opera’s Krystian Kolondra. “Our new power saving mode will nudge you when the laptop starts to consume battery, and, when enabled, it can increase the battery life by up to three hours.”

You can activate power saving mode by clicking the battery icon that will appear alongside the address bar whenever your notebook is unplugged from its charger. If you forget to activate it, Opera will prompt you to do so when your laptop battery gets low.

Opera purchased SurfEasy last year and is using their service as the backbone of their free VPN app. SurfEasy is still offering a paid option that gives you access on your computer, as well as your mobile phone for those who want a full service VPN. This is also similar to the service that Opera recently introduced in their developer preview of their desktop web browser.

Beyond just the VPN, Opera also baked in a tracker blocker that prevents trackers from following you around the web, and an ad blocker. That makes this almost a 2 in 1 app. Instead of having an app to block trackers and ads, then a second app for a VPN, you have one for both. Blocking ads and trackers are both enabled by default, though I recommend disabling the ad tracker. Great sites that provide free content, just like you are reading right now, rely on ad revenue. The ad blocker in the Opera VPN app is all or nothing, with no way to whitelist certain sites. So, at least until a time whereas I can support the sites I enjoy, I keep it turned off.

Many people will find a need for a VPN. Whether accessing content while traveling abroad, The Opera VPN app is a free and dead simple way to take advantage of these features.


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