New Rumor Says ‘iPhone 7’ Won’t Feature a Smart Connector After All

An unconfirmed iPhone 7 part which leaked out of China back in March had us wondering whether the iconic smartphone might come outfitted with the iPad Pro’s Smart Connector. Since then, various analysts and sources have speculated that this could indeed be the case, including the fairly reliable Japanese blog Mac Otakara.

Today, however, Mac Otakara reports that Apple has decided not to include the Smart Connector on the iPhone 7 after all.

The Smart Connector, for those who need a refresher, is a port that Apple initially introduced with the 12.9-inch iPad Pro, and, eventually, brought to the 9.7-inch iPad Pro as well. The connector makes it possible to transfer both data and power at the same time to connected accessories. On the iPad Pro there are keyboard accessories that take advantage of this feature. On an iPhone, though, it’s not entirely clear what a Smart Connector would be utilized for.

Theories have suggested iPhone cases and a potential solution for wireless charging, but, as it stands right now, and if this rumor pans out, we all may have to wait a bit longer to find out what Apple could do with a Smart Connector on an iPhone.

So what do you think ?


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