Leaked iTunes 12.4 Screenshots Show Slightly Redesigned Interface with Improved Navigation

Apple is working on a minor update for desktop iTunes and MacRumors was able to obtain screenshots which show off several design improvements in tow for the app. This isn’t the top-to-bottom overhaul we’ve been all waiting for though the changes in iTunes 12.4 should make this infamous Mac and Windows app a bit easier to use.

As per the leaked screenshots, iTunes 12.4 packs in a redesigned media picker, a persistent sidebar for quick access to different sections of your iTunes library, a slightly reworked mini player and a tad simpler menus.

The screenshots show that Apple will be introducing a new dropdown menu to switch between the various kinds of media: Music, TV Shows, Movies etc. This menu can be customised, so you can hidden the section that you don’t use regularly.

The sidebar on the left has been made permanent to make it easier to jump to different sections of your library like Songs, Genres, Albums, Artists, and more. The mini player has also received a slightly design tweak that puts the Up Next song button at a more prominent location. Lastly, Apple will also be making menus “easier to use” with this update and will include new navigation options.
MacRumors source suggests that Apple will be released iTunes 12.4 sometime within the next few weeks. Considering that Apple will be announcing an Apple Music refresh at WWDC, it is likely that the iTunes 12.4 update will go live before that.


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