How to bring the Old Instagram App Icon Back on Your Home Screen

Instagram latest update brought some changes and features to the app, among these changes is the app icon. The new app icon is more colorful than the previous version, there is no doubt about it. Of course, as is the case with just about any change that gets any kind of publicity, not everyone has been happy with the new icon. For the folks out there who can’t stand it, and don’t mind tricking the system a little bit, there’s a way to get the old icon back.

A developer by the name of Juan Ramirez has put together a relatively quick trick to get the old icon back. You’ll need to visit this website from your iPhone, and then find the “Tap Here” link that’s near the bottom of the page. Once you’re on the new page, select the “Share” icon on the bottom of Safari and save the website to your home screen.

As you’ve probably already guessed, this will make it so there’s a dedicated website saved as a home screen icon, which, when tapped, will open up the Instagram website. When you open that site from your iPhone it will automatically launch the Instagram app, so you jump right into it.

Once you’ve saved the site to your home screen, just go ahead and hide the new Instagram icon in a folder, and then you won’t have to look at it again directly any longer. If you get notifications from Instagram, you’ll still see the icon in that case, but you won’t have to look at it every time you want to launch the app, at least.

What do you think of the new app’s icon?


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