Camera+ Available for free as Apple's 'Free App of the Week'

When it comes to editing photos on your iPhone, then the most popular app you could use is Camera Plus app. Camera+ is one of the most popular apps that will add cool filters to your picture and bring it to live. Right now the app is available for free as Apple's 'Free app of the week'.

The app comes with tons of great features like:

‘AirSnap’ is a feature with which you can remote control an iPhone or iPad using another to capture photos and videos wirelessly.

BRILLIANT MACRO PHOTOGRAPHY:Love capturing stunning close-up shots of raindrops, flowers and butterflies? With Macro Focus mode, instantly shoot pro-like macro photos that carry amazing detail.

CINEMATIC AND BEAUTIFUL VIDEOS:Camera Plus comes with ‘Focus Shift’ to capture videos like a pro. This feature allows you to focus in and out of desired subjects during recording to give that cinematic effect for perspective. Camera Plus also gives you the option to capture videos in 480p and 720p for reduced file sizes!

OTHER FEATURES:• LUMY – A slider for instant brightness control for photos and videos
• HDR & PHOTO FILTERS – Beautiful array of filters for memorable pics
• PHOTO CAPTIONS – Apply text on photos in a variety of fonts and colors
• ‘PIX’D – One touch auto photo enhancement
• EASY IMAGE EDITING – Adjust the Color, Temp. etc. to make images perfect
• PRIVATE FOLDER – Lock photos and videos away from prying eyes

You can download Camera Plus from the App Store free for a limited time.


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