Apple will Reportedly Let iPhone Owners Use Touch ID to Unlock Mac’s Running OS X 10.12

Apple engineers are designing a remote unlock function that would allow an iPhone to unlock a Mac when in close proximity, reports MacRumors. The feature would use the handset’s Touch ID hardware, and is slated for the upcoming OS X 10.12 update.

The report states that Apple engineers are now working on an unlock function that would allow an iPhone owner to unlock their Mac simply by pressing their finger to the Touch ID sensor. The iPhone would need to be within a certain proximity from the Mac to work. The feature is said to work from Bluetooth LE frameworks, and it would apparently work similarly to the way an unlocked iPhone can bypass the passcode wall on an Apple Watch.

Apple is expected to reveal OS X 10.12, alongside iOS 10 and other platform updates, at its developer conference in San Francisco next month. It’s been rumored that OS X will be rebranded as “MacOS,” and include long-awaited support for Apple’s Siri assistant.

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