Apple Starts Selling Accessibility Accessories through Its Online Store

Confirming earlier rumors, the Apple Online Store has begun selling accessibility-related accessories and peripherals via a dedicated Accessibility section, as first discovered by Amusement. At the time of this writing, the store listed about fifteen accessories separated into sub-categories such as Vision, Physical & Motor Skills and Learning & Literacy products, with more to be added at a later stage.

The iPhone, iPod touch, iPad and Mac accessories listed on the Accessibility section were designed to help people with various disabilities operate their devices, learn, play, create music and more.

Some of these accessories pair with the iPhone, iPad, and the Mac, while others are aimed at making learning and creating music easier on the iPad or Mac using a 5-sided cube.

Apple’s intention to start selling accessibility accessories through its store was first reported in December last year. While these accessibility stores are not yet available through the company’s physical retail stores, it should only be a matter of time before they do.

Apple is one of the very few companies that lays great emphasis on accessibility and tries to make the life of people with disabilities easier through its products. On world Autism day recently, the company released an ad highlighting how the iPad was helping a kid with special needs better communicate with the world.

In addition to Voice Over, Accessibility technologies built into iOS and OS X include things like Guided Access, high-contrast interfaces, full-screen zooming and more.


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