This Kit Lets You Convert Your iPhone SE or iPhone 5 Into a 4-inch iPhone 6

Disappointed that Apple chose an iPhone 5 body for the iPhone SE? It's possible to transplant your device into a 4-inch iPhone 6 style body, reports The site purchased a mod kit sold on AliExpress for converting an iPhone 5 or 5s to a 4-inch iPhone 6. The kit includes a new body which lets you move over components from your old device.

In order to swap the iPhone’s housing you should know exactly what you’re doing. Each ever so tiny screw, all the wires and covers must be moved into their new home. While the extraction of the logic board is rather simple, the flat cables under the board are harder to remove: pull to strongly and a conductor path might be severed in the process. Obey the supreme rule: do it step-by-step, slowly and remember where all the parts go. Even our most experienced engineer needed more than two hours for the entire transformation.

Computerbild says that only advanced users should attempt this mod but it's technically possible. Also, it's important to note that the quality of the 4-inch body will not be as good as Apple's and could vary from seller to seller.



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