This is an Apple Watch Running Windows 95

A developer for the Apple Watch has found a way to emulate the Windows 95 operating system experience on Apple’s flagship wearable accessory.

Albeit nothing more than a concept, it really does show off how powerful the Apple Watch‘s internal hardware really is. This is just one of those things you have to see to believe.

Developer Nick Lee has taken the arduous task of putting an ancient desktop operating system on a brand new smartwatch, with some rather interesting results. The first thing you’ll notice, as noted by The Verge‘s new gadget-focused site, Circuit Breaker, is that it takes an hour to boot up completely. The overall result is that Windows 95 on an Apple Watch is slow, but that it’s actually pretty functional.

More functional that anyone would have probably assumed, anyway.

Lee points out on his own blog that technically speaking, the Apple Watch is a more powerful machine than what the original computers were outfitted with back when Windows 95 was a new operating system, so it does make sense that the Watch can run the software.

Not that that means Windows 95 should be anywhere near the Apple Watch, of course, as Apple would probably be more than happy to let anyone know. So, to make it happen, Lee tells the publication that he had to modify Apple’s development software in “rather unorthodox ways.” Doing that basically made Windows 95 a Watch app, which also doubles as an emulator for an environment for the operating system to function.

There’s an extra step that was necessary, due to the fact that the Apple Watch’s display wants to shut down when it isn’t in use. So Lee had to put to use a motorized tube that constantly rotates the Apple Watch’s crown.

Windows 95, which launched on August 24th, 1995, is capable of running on the Apple Watch’s 520 MHz internal processor and 512 MB of memory with 8 GB of internal storage. It’s not the fastest Windows 95 experience in the world, but it works!

Is it practical? No. Is this something everyone’s going to want on their wrists? No. But on the other hand, it demonstrates the potential of the Apple Watch’s hardware and really puts into perspective just how much computer hardware has shrunken down in size after two decades.

What are your thoughts on the Apple Watch being able to run Windows 95? Share in the comments!



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