New Apple Watch Ads Showcase Bands, Features, and Nick Jonas

More than half a dozen new commercials for the Apple Watch surfaced Monday on the company’s official channel on YouTube. Titled “Rain”, “Surprise”, “Golf”, “SWAP”, “Find”, “Chase” and “Row”, these ads are fifteen seconds each and showcase specific facets of the wearable device, such as changing bands and switching faces to suit any occasion, fitness and activity tracking and more.

They also highlight specific first-party apps, including the Messages and Workout apps, as well as third-party ones like the Dark Sky weather app while detailing other capabilities of the device such as pinging a connected iPhone right from a glance.

The “Chase” ad also stars actor/artist, Nick Jonas.

The other ads all focus on the features. “Rain” shows off the third-party app Dark Sky to let the wearer know when it’s about to rain. “Find” showcases how you can use the Apple Watch to find your misplaced iPhone. “Surprise” is a quick video showing how you can turn off your smart-connected lights right from the wearable.

“Swap” details what you might expect: Swapping out the different Apple Watch bands to find the right match for any situation.

These new ads appears to follow Apple’s visual style established with the first short Apple Watch commercials that debuted in October 2015 (reminiscent of the famous iPod silhouette ads).


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