New Apple Music ad has Taylor Swift singing along to Jimmy Eat World

At the beginning of this month, Apple released a new ad for Apple Music starring Taylor Swift. It was the first time that Taylor Swift starred in an ad for Apple Music, which surprised many since the artist had heavily criticised Apple when it first launched Apple Music for its unfair agreements with indie artists. Just over a couple of weeks later, Apple has released another ad for Apple Music that once again stars Taylor Swift.

The 60-second video, titled “Mic Drop”, shows Swift browsing Apple Music’s curated activity-based playlists before choosing one titled “Going Ready To Go Out” and finding a song she used to love in middle school.

She then goes on to sing along to that song, in the bathroom, using her lipstick as a microphone, as she’s getting ready to go out. The clip closes with the tagline “Every song for every moment.”


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