Jony Ive Designs Unique Yellow iPad Pro, Smart Cover, and Apple Pencil Case for the London Design Museum

Jonathan Ive has created a one of a kind yellow iPad along with unique accessories to help raise money for the Design Museum, reports Wallpaper. The one-of-a-kind 12.9-inch iPad Pro features an anodised body with a custom yellow dye. The Smart Cover has been crafted from supple French leather, while the cover for the Apple Pencil has been created from fine grain Italian calf leather.

‘We are extremely grateful to the friends of the museum who had donated such outstanding pieces to help us fulfill our ambition of creating one of London’s most important new cultural sites,’ says Design Museum curator (and auction co-curator) Deyan Sudjic.

Ive and Apple have only manufactured 1 unit of all the three products above, and to prove it, the iPad Pro and Smart Cover have ‘Edition 1 of 1’ etched on them.

So what do you think ? Looks amazing right ?



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