‘iPhone 7’ Rumor Suggests Smart Connector and Lack of Headphone Jack

Mac Otakara, a fairly reliable Japanese-language blog, learned from its own sources this morning that the rumors pertaining to some of the more controversial iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus features are in fact true. No headphone jack? You bet! That CAD design rendering supposedly sourced from Apple manufacturer Catcher Technology which gave us a closer look at a trio of suspicious-looking dots on the back of the phone? Yup, that’s a Smart Connector! Wait, what?

As previously mentioned, the case, pictured above, was originally reported to be for the “iPhone 7 Plus.” Indeed, with previous rumors pointing to the bigger iPhone 7 variant sporting the dual-camera system only, that seemed to line up. However, this report suggests that case is for the iPhone 7. That either means the iPhone 7 will not only feature the Smart Connector, but also the dual-camera system. Either that, or this report suggests that the iPhone 7 Plus is actually the model to get the Smart Connector.

That might make sense, considering the larger size of the iPhone 7 Plus.

Still, the report does also mention that the iPhone 7/7 Plus rumors suggesting it won’t boast a 3.5mm headphone jack, but instead make owners connect their headphones through the Lightning port.

In regard to that notion, Mac Otakara claims that “two sensors will be added” at the top of the iPhone 7, though it’s currently “unclear for what purpose.” Well, I have an idea: True Tone technology on the iPad Pro takes data from a pair of four-channel ambient light sensors that measure both the color temperature of ambient light and brightness.

Current iPhones have always had their proximity and ambient light sensors at the top, next to the earpiece. If two sensors will be added there as the Japanese publication speculates, I think we’re going to see True Tone as one of the features of the iPhone 7.


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