Infighting Between iCloud and Siri Teams Slowing Steps to Adopt In-House Cloud Infrastructure

A report Thursday published by the former Wall Street Journal reporter Jessica Lessin’s outlet, The Information, paints a gloomy picture for Apple’s efforts to move its cloud services 100 percent in-house. That process has been slowed by “political infighting” as the company’s iCloud and Siri engineering teams are now “in open conflict”.

The report indicates that Apple’s Siri and iCloud engineering teams are having long-winded disagreements, and that the infighting is causing Apple to slow its efforts in many areas, not least of which is fixing ongoing technical issues that plague iCloud and iTunes. Apparently the aforementioned employee departure happened due to these internal battles:
“Steve D’Aurora, an engineering manager in a team led by Patrick Gates, resigned last week. That’s raised the possibility that Mr. D’Aurora’s superior, Darren Haas, a “head of cloud engineering,” would leave as well. Both Mr. D’Aurora and Mr. Haas joined Apple through its 2010 acquisition of Siri, the voice-activated assistant on the iPhone.”
This report would seem to line up with a variety of stories over the last several months, all of which point to the Cupertino-based company working towards its own cloud infrastructure. As recently as March of this year, several reports surfaced that outlined Apple had already made huge moves to get away from third-party cloud infrastructure services, including Microsoft’s Azure, Amazon’s Web Services, and Google’s Cloud Platform.

Specifically, it was first reported that Apple had made significant monetary efforts to move away from Amazon’s Web Services, and instead shift towards Google’s Cloud Platform instead, as it transitions even further towards its own in-house efforts. Later in that same month, a report echoed those previous stories, and said that Apple’s focus on moving away from relying on third-party infrastructures was spread into six different projects, and would cut down on outside snooping of those servers and information on them.



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