How to record phone calls on iPhone [No JB required]

Most of you know that Apple doesn't allow you to record phone calls. For instance, when you call someone or receive a call from him, the audio call cannot be routed through Airplay or any other recording apps. This is also why there’s a notable shortage of apps for recording phone calls in the App Store.

Jailbroken users have been able for a long time to install jailbreak tweaks that let them easily record any phone call on their iOS devices.

What if you’re not jailbroken? As it turns out, there’s a nice workaround solution involving voicemail and the beauty of it is that there’s absolutely nothing Apple can do to stop you from employing this trick to record your phone calls like a pro.

What you need…
In short, the trick involves using your carrier’s voicemail as an audio recording tool, then exporting the recorded voicemail conversation through Phone’s Voicemail tab. This works for standard cellular phone calls, Wi-Fi Calling and FaceTime calls.

Your carrier must support the iPhone’s Visual Voicemail feature and three-way calling and an iPhone must be connected to a cellular data network. It’s also advisable that you disable the Call Waiting feature under Settings → Phone → Call Waiting.

Other carrier or network-specific restrictions may apply, such as the size of the Visual Voicemail inbox, the maximum duration of a single voicemail message and so forth.

And last but not least, your iPhone should be running iOS 9.0 or later because prior iOS versions cannot export voice memo recordings as audio files, which might be of concern if you plan on sending voicemails from the Phone app to the Voice Mail app for editing.

How to record phone calls: 

STEP 1: Simply call anyone from your iPhone. 

STEP 2: When call starts, tap on 'Add Call' on the phone's app screen.

STEP 3: Now call the phone number you’re ringing the person from. Because you’re already on the call, ringing your own number will take you straight to your voicemail, which is precisely what we want.

STEP 4: After the visual voicemail has started recording the call, tap on 'Merge Calls'...
STEP 5: After finishing up the phone call, Tap on the Voicemail tab within the Phone app and wait until your recorded conversation appears in the interface as a voicemail message.

NOTE: Your iPhone must be connected to your carrier’s cellular data network for new voicemails to be downloaded to the device.

STEP 6: Now tap on the recorded conversation and then hit the 'Share' button. 
STEP 7: Choose if you’d like to wirelessly send the audio file to your Mac via AirDrop, attach it to an iMessage or email message, send it to Notes or shoot the file to one of your favorite apps in iOS’s multi-purpose Share menu, like Dropbox.

Tip: You can transfer the recorded conversation to Apple’s stock Voice Memos app for further editing. Regardless of the sharing method used, your phone call conversation is now available to you as an audio file to do with it what you please.

That's it guys!


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