Facebook Launches Chatbots in the Messenger Platform

Facebook was supposed to announce the addition of customer service chat bots and Live Chat APIs soon, but it seems that the latest app update already includes the plumbing work necessary to support chat bots. As first noted by Engadget, the app now shows a Bots and Businesses section and already third-party chat bots appear in search.

It had been rumored for a bit of time now, but Facebook has made it official at its F8 Developer Conference. The social networking giant has officially announced chatbots within the new Messenger platform. Zuckerberg, Facebook’s CEO, showed off how the bots will work while on stage, showcasing using Messenger and the integrated bots to make an order through 1-800-Flowers through a text conversation.

You won’t have to install a separate app to get access to these features. Moreover, Zuckerberg sees these bots as a new way for platforms, clients, and businesses to connect to the user. A credit card won’t be necessary, either.

On top of that, video is getting expanded in a big way as well. Facebook is opening up its Live Video API, which allows the feature to be built into any device. A big step for Facebook as it plans to build up the features over the next five years.

You can watch the keynote for Facebook’s Developer Conference right here.


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