Check Out This iOS 10 Concept Full of Wish List Features [Video]

MacStories founder and editor Federico Viticci has joined forces with user interface designer Sam Beckett on giving us their take on some of the features that Apple may or may not implement in iOS 10, the next major revision of the mobile operating system powering the iPhone, iPad and iPod touch.

The stunning renderings and an accompanying video imagine many features that Apple fans have been craving for, such as a brand new dark mode for iOS 10, an updated Control Center which lets you move around and customize the icons, an official Siri app for implementing voice-activated features in third-party apps and more.

Dark mode, Siri in apps
Siri is reportedly coming to the Mac this fall, but the rumor-mill has been suspiciously mum on the prospect of a Siri API, something that would permit Apple’s developers to more or less easily implement voice-activated features and Siri intelligence in their apps.
“Just think about the possibilities: you could ask Siri to create tasks in 2Do or OmniFocus; if you’re on the bus and can’t talk, you could text Siri and ask her to bring up the best Italian restaurants within a price range; or, Siri would know how to load your favorite workout from the fitness app you’re using,” wrote Viticci.

And here’s a video accompanying the post.

The video highlights the following features: 
  • Control Center: Ability to Re-order Toggles
  • ● Control Center: 3D Touch Quick Actions for Toggles
  • ● Control Center: 3rd Party Integration
  • ● Dark Mode
  • ● Messages: Rich Previews
  • ● Messages: Faster Emoji Input
  • ● Messages: Granular Read Receipts
  • ● Document Picker: Tag Files
  • ● Document Picker: Version History
  • ● Multitasking: Drag & Drop
  • ● App Picker
  • ● Proactive Improvements
  • ● Textual Siri
  • ● Siri API

So what do you think about this iOS 10 concept ?


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