Apple’s Talks with BMW and Daimler for Apple Car Project Reportedly Fall Apart

German newspaper Handelsblatt is reporting that German carmakers Daimler and BMW won’t be collaborating with Apple on its rumored electric car, code-named Project Titan. According to sources in the know, talks with Daimler and BMW over a cooperation deal on an electric car have ended. The talks with BMW collapsed last yea.

German news outlet, Handelsblatt, is reporting that talks between Apple and BMW, and between Apple and Daimler, have fallen apart. The report cites unnamed “industry sources,” and states that the talks fell apart when none of the companies could come to terms over who would lead the project. More than that, the companies couldn’t come to an agreement over the information built up from user data from those who used the car, either. Apparently BMW and Daimler want to handle the information themselves directly, while, obviously, Apple wants the project to be tied into Apple’s iCloud services.

The report does indicate that the talks between Apple and BMW did initially breakdown back in July of last year, and that newer conversations with Daimler only recently fell apart. However, the talks with both companies could resume at some point in the future. It’s been recently reported that Apple has a Project Titan lab in Berlin, Germany, employed by “top-class” individuals building the project.

And last but not least, learned that Apple has hired former Tesla Vice President and Aston Martin engineer, Chris Porritt, to work on special projects. At Tesla, Porritt worked on both the Model S and Model X and on the Model 3 chassis.


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