Apple Watch 2 to Feature Cellular Connectivity and Faster Processor

In its report Monday which details the first full year of Apple Watch sales, the Wall Street Journal newspaper has revealed a previously unknown tidbit pertaining to a second-generation Apple Watch. According to the publication’s sources, the Apple Watch 2 will feature cellular-network connectivity and a faster processor.

The standalone modem inside the Apple Watch 2 will allow the smartwatch to function independent of the iPhone. The current generation Apple Watch heavily relies on the iPhone for any network related tasks, which essentially makes it useless when it is not connected to one. An integrated modem will allow the smartwatch to circumvent this problem, though it will also increase its power requirements.

The report pegs that Apple sold anywhere between 12-13 million units of the Apple Watch in the first year of its availability, which is almost twice of what the original iPhone sold. However, despite these promising numbers, the Apple Watch has not managed to catch the attention of consumers. This is likely due to the limited and sub-par functionality the smartwatch offers, and because it does not offer anything that the iPhone itself cannot do.

In comparing the first year of the Apple Watch sales to the first full year of the original iPhone, analysts have estimated that at twelve million watch units since its April 24, 2015 debut, Apple’s wearable device has sold twice the six million units of the original iPhone in its first year.

It’s important to keep in mind that such speculative analysis should be taken with a grain of salt because the Cupertino firm does not and will not divulge unit sales for the Apple Watch for competitive reasons.



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