Apple Lays off Contract Recruiters as It Slows Recruiting Efforts

Apple in the past few weeks has been dismissing all of its contract recruiters, reports VentureBeat. Citing a source familiar with the matter, the outlet says the Cupertino company has begun cutting full-time recruiter as well.

Beside dropping recruiters, Apple has also reduced the bonus structure for existing recruiters. Previously, the company used to give recruiters 40 percent of the base salary of a new employee, but that has now been dropped to 10-15 percent. It is also possible that Apple will remove the bonus entirely after sometime.

The only project that Apple has been hiring aggressively for in the past few months, is its Apple Car project. The company has hired some known executives from companies like Ford, Mercedes and Tesla to bolster the development of its first car.
“You always need to have something new coming out to justify hiring,” the source said.
[…] In addition, Apple has changed the incentive structure for its recruiters. A bonus that gives recruiters 40 percent of a new employee’s base salary has been dropped to 10-15 percent, and the bonus may even go away entirely, the source said.
The reason for the large scale-back in recruiting efforts is unknown, but VentureBeat points to declining iPhone sales as a possible factor. It’s believed that Apple will report sales and profit drops in its Q2 earnings tomorrow.



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