A Judge in Boston is Now Ordering Apple to Unlock Another iPhone

A U.S. magistrate judge granted an FBI request to order Apple to help investigators get data from a locked iPhone in a Boston gang case, according to documents unsealed in federal court today. The judge ruled, back in February, that Apple must access information on the device, put it on an external storage option, and then return that information to law enforcement.

“”Such reasonable technical assistance consists of, to the extent possible, extracting data from the Device, copying the data from the Device onto an external hard drive or other storage medium, and returning the aforementioned storage medium to law enforcement, and/or providing the FBI with the suspect Personal Identification Number,” Bowler wrote.”
As it stands, it doesn’t appear that Apple has responded to that specific case. On top of that, while the report doesn’t specifically name which iPhone model is at the center of the case, there is speculation that it is an iPhone 6 or iPhone 6 Plus. That would mean that the FBI’s tool to unlock an iPhone could not be used.

Apple, Crawford’s attorney and the FBI did not immediately respond to requests for comment today.



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