2016 MacBook Teardown Reveals Use of Tamper-Evident Screws from Apple

iFixit has posted its teardown of the new 12-inch MacBook to reveal all its internals. The team notes that from the outside, the new MacBook looks exactly the same as its predecessor, with the new Rose Gold finish being the only key differentiator between the two.

Internally, things remain largely the same as the original MacBook, except some minor changes: the USB Type-C connector is now a single unit; the tri-wing screws have a slightly updated design; and finally, the header of the Torx screws at the hinge are now filled with some substance that automatically disintegrates when a screwdriver is inserted. This is likely Apple’s take on tamper-evident screws to prevent unauthorised repairs on the MacBook.

Interestingly, the teardown also suggests that the slight increase in the battery capacity of the 2016 MacBook’s battery comes from an improved battery chemistry, and not by increasing its dimensions. The increase — 39.71 Wh vs. 41.41 Wh — in battery capacity and a more efficient Skylake processor from Intel allow the new MacBook to last an hour longer than its predecessor.


● Same model number as the previous MacBook (A1534)
● Tri-wing screw we saw last year is now a repair-friendly Phillips
● Hinge screw Torx heads are filled with some sort of substance that disintegrates when you insert a screwdriver, perhaps acting as tamper-evident screws.
● USB-C cable is now perma-fixed to the USB board
● Silicon is moved from the USC-C cable itself to the USB board
● New 7.56 V, 41.41 Wh Li-ion power battery


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