The 2017 Ford Escape is the company’s first vehicle to support Apple CarPlay

Car maker Ford said on Friday that a new Escape model is going to officially become its first vehicle with CarPlay and Android Auto integration. Ford’s 2017 Escape puts emphasis on maintaining the quality that made the vehicle an award-winner and the second best-selling Ford product in the United States last year.

While the 2017 Escape is the first Ford vehicle to support Apple CarPlay, the company plans to offer even more vehicles with the in-car system as an option as well. More than that, Ford also plans on offering updates to some older vehicles to bring the option to even more drivers.
“New Escape – first Ford vehicle to offer Apple CarPlay and Android Auto – aims to maintain sales momentum and attributes that led it to a tie* as Highest-Ranked Compact SUV by J.D. Power in Initial Quality; Escape is the No. 2-selling Ford vehicle in the United States, second only to F-Series.”

Ford’s driver-assist technology was designed to keep you in your lane and can maintain a set speed and distance on the highway, and even aid you in getting out of a tight parking spot.


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