T-Mobile adds YouTube, other services as BingeOn partners

T-Mobile’s outspoken CEO, John Legere, announced on Thursday via a press release that Binge On, the carrier’s feature that zeroes out video streaming, has added support for nine new providers, including Google-owned YouTube.

He also confirmed that new partners were being added today, including one very high-profile new addition.

The new partners include Baeble Music, FilmOn.TV, Google Play Movies, KlowdTV, Red Bull TV, ESNE, Fox Business, and Discovery GO.

T-Mobile has also confirmed that YouTube is now an official BingeOn partner as well. That’s big news, not just for T-Mobile, especially considering the video service was critical of BingeOn back in December of this year. While T-Mobile said it was “optimizing” YouTube’s video content, even before the service was a partner for BingeOn, it only did so after YouTube came forward and claimed T-Mobile was downgrading the video service’s streams for its subscribers.

Apparently Legere sat down with folks at YouTube, and after having discussions changed the way the program works, so YouTube agreed to come on as a partner. One of those changes includes video providers being able to opt-out of BingeOn optimizations. Up until now, if a customer had BingeOn activated, any video they streamed would be optimized to 480p — exactly what YouTube was complaining about several months ago. Now, though, those providers can exclude their content from those optimizations altogether. T-Mobile will add those services to a dedicated website, so customers can see which video providers have opted out of the optimizations.

Are you happy to see YouTube added as a BingeOn partner?


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