Leaked Photos of iPhone 7 Chassis?

Some alleged renders of the iPhone 7 chassis have been leaked by one of the sources of Nowhereelse.fr. As rumors have pointed out so far, the iPhone 7 will sport a design similar to the current generation iPhones, minus the antenna lines and with some minor ergonomic tweaks here and there.

The leaked renders of the iPhone 7 chassis show the missing antenna bands at the top and bottom of the device. Instead, the bands have now been moved towards the top and bottom edges of the handset, which helps in concealing the antenna bands better and gives the back a very clean look.

Most notably, the chassis does not have antenna bands running across the back of the device. There are still antenna bands running along the top and bottom. This corroborates previous reports we've been hearing.

Additionally, the camera cutout is noticeably larger than on the current generation on iPhone. It's also closer to the side of the device.

Another recent iPhone 7 leak allegedly showed a case for the device that did not have a headphone jack and had what appeared to be cutouts for stereo speakers.
What do you think about the iPhone 7 based on the above render? Are you disappointed that it somewhat looks similar to the iPhone 6s?



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