iOS 9.3 beta 5 makes changes to Control Center, Night Shift disabled in Low Power Mode

Along with the latest betas of watchOS, tvOS and OS X, Apple yesterday seeded a fifth beta of the upcoming iOS 9.3 software update to its registered developers. The new beta appears to pack in a few interesting changes as Apple continues to refine the experience ahead of the software’s public release.

An extension of this appears to be a change within the Night Shift Settings area, where there is now an option for “Manually Enable Until Tomorrow.” If this is selected, Night Shift will be activated until the following day’s sunrise, or another specific time. Another addition to Settings is a change to the temperature slider. It now reads “Less Warm” and “More Warm,” and it’s located at the bottom of the menu.

Perhaps the biggest change, though, is the fact that Apple has now made Night Shift disabled by default when Low Power Mode is activated. When the phone is switched to this battery-saving mode, both the Night Shift option in Control Center and in Settings is grayed out, preventing the user from activating it when the option is activated.

In addition, tapping the Night Shift icon in Control Center now brings up a dialog with the option to turn the feature on until specific time. The exact cut-off time when iOS will disable Night Shift Mode is based on your custom schedule: sunset, sunrise or a specific time.
Finally, the feature’s description has changed so iOS now informs you that “warmer temperatures can reduce eye strain” whereas the wording in beta 4 simply stated that ”warmer settings may affect the appearance of onscreen motion”.


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