Facebook Messenger gains its first airline bot

Flyers who use KLM can now receive their boarding pass, check-in reminders, flight status updates and more inside Facebook Messenger. The airline is also offering customer support through the popular chat service, making it easier to get answers to your queries.

This is part of Facebook Messenger’s new airline bot functionality, which lets users access all kinds of helpful flight information — including their boarding pass — inside the Messenger app for iOS. But it doesn’t just provide you basic information about your flight.
After booking a ticket with KLM, the bot will send Messenger users details like boarding passes, delay notifications, itinerary details and more. The bot is interactive so people can chat with it and even receive answers from a human KLM staff member.

“This is starting to roll out today and will be more widely available around the world in the coming days and weeks,“ noted the social networking behemoth.



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